Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering


ENGR 005: Science of High Technology
ENGR 008Q: Engineering Success
ENGR 010: Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 011: Intro to Engineering: Transfer Students
ENGR 025: The Digital World and Society
ENGR 060SL: Engineering Projects in Community Service
ENGR 090W: Technical Writing Workshop
ENGR 100W: Engineering Reports
ENGR 102: Renewable Energy Engineering
ENGR 108: Green Electronics
ENGR 119: Energy and the Environment
ENGR 120: Programming Concepts for Behavioral and Social Science Applications
ENGR 121: Data Structures and Algorithms for Behavioral and Social Science Applications
ENGR 122: Data Technology for Behavioral and Social Science Applications
ENGR 157SL: Community Action/Community Service
ENGR 160SL: Engineering Projects in Community Service UD
ENGR 180: Individual Studies
ENGR 184: Business Strategy in Practice in Technology Enterprise
ENGR 194: Business Organization and Management of Technology Enterprise
ENGR 195A: Global and Social Issues in Engineering
ENGR 195B: Global and Social Issues in Engineering
ENGR 195C: Interdisciplinary Senior Project I
ENGR 195D: Interdisciplinary Senior Project II
ENGR 195E: Interdisciplinary Computing Project
ENGR 197: Cooperative Education Project
ENGR 198: Technology and Civilization
ENGR 200W: Engineering Reports and Graduate Research
ENGR 201: Engineering Analysis
ENGR 202: Systems Engineering
ENGR 203: Engineering Management
ENGR 206: Renewable Energy Systems
ENGR 212: Engineering Management in a Global Economy
ENGR 231: Fundamentals of Facility Management
ENGR 232: Technology for Facility Management
ENGR 233: Managing Facility Assets for Cost and Compliance
ENGR 234: Facility Operations and Maintenance
ENGR 236: Design for Manufacturability
ENGR 240: Control Systems Design and Applications
ENGR 261: Battery Technologies I
ENGR 262: Battery Technologies II
ENGR 263: Battery Electrochemsitry
ENGR 264: Battery Manufacturing
ENGR 265: Battery Control Systems
ENGR 271: Passive Optical Sensing
ENGR 281: Master's Project/Thesis Preparation Seminar
ENGR 282A: Engineering for Teachers: Introduction to Engineering Design
ENGR 282B: Engineering for Teachers: Principles of Engineering
ENGR 282C: Engineering for Teachers: Digital Electronics
ENGR 282D: Engineering for Teachers: Gateway to Technology Foundations
ENGR 282E: Engineering for Teachers: Gateway to Technology Specializations
ENGR 282F: Engineering for Teachers: Civil Engineering and Architecture
ENGR 282G: Engineering for Teachers: Aerospace Engineering
ENGR 282H: Engineering for Teachers: Biotechnical Engineering
ENGR 282J: Engineering for Teachers: Computer Integrated Manufacturing
ENGR 282K: Engineering for Teachers: Engineering Design and Development
ENGR 295A: Master Project I
ENGR 295B: Master Project II
ENGR 297C: Special Topics in Systems Engineering
ENGR 297D: Special Topics in Emerging Technologies
ENGR 297E: Special Topics in Electronic Materials and Devices
ENGR 297G: Battery Technology 1
ENGR 297M: Special Topics in Engineering Management
ENGR 298: Master's Project
ENGR 298I: MSE Internship
ENGR 299: Master's Thesis
ENGR 1081W: Basic Writing Workshop
ENGR 1290R: Culminating Experience Supervision