Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering


The Charles W. Davidson College of Engineering offers undergraduate and graduate programs in Aerospace Engineering; Biomedical, Chemical and Materials Engineering; Civil and Environmental Engineering; Computer and Software Engineering; Electrical Engineering; General Engineering; Industrial and Systems Engineering; Mechanical Engineering; Industrial Technology, and Aviation. Each department offers a variety of major and minor programs which are identified in their respective parts of this catalog. General Engineering also offers interdisciplinary degrees in Engineering.

Preparation for Engineering Programs

To prepare for engineering, the high school student should take as much advanced math and science as possible, as well as high school engineering and technology courses that may be available at their school. Students with scores of 4 or above on the AP Calculus exams may be able to accelerate their degree program; students who are not calculus-ready on entrance may take a longer time to graduate. Students transferring from California community colleges will be given junior level standing in the Major if they have successfully completed the following course work:

  • 12 semester units of calculus and differential equations
  • 5-10 semester units of chemistry
  • 8-13 semester units of physics which require calculus as a prerequisite
  • 10-14 units of lower division engineering appropriate to their engineering major

Transfer students should use or this SJSU online catalog to determine the specific lower division requirements of their major. Graduation following two academic years of study is possible if the student completes all lower division units before transfer, satisfactorily completes the required upper division coursework and remains in good standing in the Major.

Preparation for Technology and Aviation Programs

To prepare for technology and aviation majors, the high school student should take industrial technology classes such as electronics, drafting, and manufacturing, or any engineering classes offered at their school, and should complete courses in physics, chemistry, and pre-calculus or calculus.

Community college students are urged to complete as many of the lower division requirements as possible in chemistry, physics, mathematics and technology or aviation at the community college.

Progress to Degree Requirements

All College of Engineering undergraduates are required to stay in good standing in their major by maintaining a Major GPA of 2.0 or above. The Major GPA includes all courses required for the major, including both lower and upper division math, science, engineering, technology, aviation or business courses required by their major. Some departments have additional grade requirements for individual courses, groups of courses or all courses taken in their department. See departmental sections for these requirements. Additional university GPA requirements are specified elsewhere in this catalog.

Incoming Engineering frosh, or other students seeking to change major into Engineering, must complete Math 30 (or 30P), Math 31 and Physics 50 within their first 60 units at SJSU. The Progress to Degree policy can be found on the College advising website.

General Education Requirements

Of the 51 units required by the university up to 27 units may be satisfied by specified major and support requirements. Engineering majors may satisfy the remaining units by taking AMS 1A-B (12 units), ENGL 1A-B (6 units), Oral Communication (3 units) and ENGR 100W (3 units). Transfer students may satisfy core GE through the IGETC or CSU breadth requirements. Consult advisors in the Engineering Student Success Center (Engr 344) for details.

Engineering Student Success Center (ESSC)

The Engineering Student Success Center provides General Education advising services and student success programs for the undergraduate students in the College of Engineering. We offer both drop-in advising and appointments.

Engineering Building, Room 344