Final Examination Policy

It is the general policy in most courses to have several examinations during the semester and a final examination. Supervision of examinations is the responsibility of each college dean. Exceptions to the requirement for giving a final examination must be approved by the college dean.

Final examinations may be rescheduled:

  1. If there are verifiable emergency circumstances; or
  2. If a student has more than two exams scheduled within a 24-hour period. In this case, the student may request an alternative exam date from any one of the instructors at least three weeks prior to the last class meeting.
  3. In either case, if an alternate exam date and time during the regular final exam period cannot be arranged between the student and instructor, the rescheduled exam will be taken during the final exam-makeup period. If students and instructors are unable to reach agreement to reschedule, the Provost's office will negotiate an appropriate solution.

Graduate students should refer to section on Final Master's Examinations.

Final Examination, Evaluation, or Culminating Activity Policy

Faculty members are required to have a culminating activity (such as a final examination or discussion of learning outcomes) at the scheduled final examination time in each course. The college dean, under whose curricular responsibility the course falls, can authorize exceptions in writing in advance.