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San José State University has transfer course agreements with over 130 California public colleges and universities. SJSU has additional articulation agreements beyond the California public schools found under the GE Breadth and Transfer Evaluation System (TES) links below.

SJSU articulation agreements are formal agreements between a transfer campus and SJSU. They define how courses completed at a transfer school can be used to satisfy a requirement at SJSU.

SJSU primarily concentrates on securing articulation agreements with California community colleges, because they are our primary feeder schools. Most of these agreements identify California community college courses that can be used in lieu of a SJSU course to satisfy specific lower-division major requirements at SJSU. University to university, and other regionally accredited college and university articulation, is not our highest priority.

The articulation agreements that are available can be found below, as well as General Education (GE) articulation agreements. GE course articulation agreements can only be found under the GE Breadth or TES links below.

Transfer Planning

Current degree programs/majors showing courses that should be completed prior to transfer whenever possible.

School-to-School Transfer

Current degree programs/majors showing degree-specific transfer agreements with California public institutions [California Community Colleges (CCC), California State Universities (CSU), or University of California (UC)]. These courses should be completed prior to transfer whenever possible.

Associate Degree For Transfer

The Associate Degree for Transfer (AA-T or AS-T) offered at the California Community Colleges (CCC) is designed to provide a student a clear transfer preparation and admission pathway to CSU degree majors. Also included are the roadmaps outlining recommended plans for completing the 60 additional semester units at SJSU for the approved similar degree programs.

Additional Associate Degree for Transfer information, including eligible SJSU degrees, is available here:

Course-to-Course Articulation

These are lists of courses at California public colleges or universities (CCC, CSU, or UC) that are accepted for major-specific courses at San José State University. These articulation agreements ONLY apply to major or minor requirements at SJSU. They do not apply to GE requirements. CCC, CSU, and UC articulation agreements for GE are found at the GE Breadth or TES link below.

Category Reports

CCC, CSU, UC articulated course agreements are listed by school or grouped by academic discipline/department.

GE Breadth

General Education Breadth agreements consist of current courses that a student may complete at a California community college or other CSU to satisfy the California State University General Education-Breadth requirements. International GE agreements are found at the bottom of the GE Breadth page.

Transfer Evaluation System (TES)

The TES shows course equivalencies completed at other CSUs or other regionally accredited institutions to meet requirements at SJSU (primarily the four basic skills GE courses which typically transfer to SJSU to meet part of the admissions requirements). This list of equivalencies in TES is NOT comprehensive. SJSU continues to update TES with more equivalencies on a regular basis. An official course-by-course evaluation of specific transfer credit will be completed by the admissions evaluation area once a student matriculates at SJSU.

Credit by Examination

SJSU grants credit toward its undergraduate degrees for successful completion of various standardized exams. The following are the guidelines for the credit that may be granted at SJSU for each standardized exam. Students may not earn duplicate credit by examination if they have previously completed or subsequently complete equivalent exams or coursework.


Summary statistics are presented for articulated courses, departments and majors.

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