San José State University has transfer course agreements with over 130 California schools.

Course-to-course articulation does not mean that a course will also receive General Education Certification. GE Certification is campus specific, meaning that the student will receive GE certification in the area for which the course was certified on the campus where he/she took the course. (For example, TA 40A at West Valley Community College articulates with TA 005 at San José State University. TA 40A is NOT approved for GE at West Valley College however TA 005 meets Area C1 if taken at SJSU. If the student takes West Valley College's TA 40A he/she WILL NOT get GE credit for that course and if he/she takes SJSU's TA 005 he/she gets Area C1 credit.)

Transfer Planning

Lists of majors that present courses that are necessary in preparation for the degree during the first two years of the SJSU experience.

School-to-School Transfer

A list of majors that present degree-specific transfer agreements that you could complete with other schools.

Course-to-Course Articulation

A list of courses at another college that are accepted for specific courses at San José State University.

Category Reports

Articulated courses listed by school or grouped by academic discipline (subject area).

GE Breadth

General Education Breadth agreements consist of those courses that a student can complete at a community college or other CSU to satisfy the California State University General Education-Breadth requirements.

Credit by Examination

SJSU grants credit toward its undergraduate degrees for successful completion of various standardized exams. The following are the guidelines for the credit that may be granted at SJSU for each standardized exam. Students may not earn duplicate credit by examination if they have previously taken or subsequently take equivalent exams or coursework.


Summary statistics for articulated courses, departments and majors.