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Bakersfield College

2019 - 2020

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Area A: English Language Communication and Critical Thinking

9 semester units required with at least one course each from A1, A2 and A3. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
9 units minimum

A-1: Oral Communication

COMM B1, B4, B8.

A-2: Written Communication


A-3: Critical Thinking

PHIL B7, B9; ENGL B1B, B2, B3; COMM B5.

Area B: Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning

9 semester units required with at least one course each from Physical Science, Life Science and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. One Physical or Life Science course must include a laboratory experience (underlined). Courses in area B-4 must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
9 units minimum

B-1: Physical Science

ASTR B1, B2, B3; CHEM B1A, B2A, B11, B18, B30A, B30B; ERSC B10, B10L; GEOG B1, B1L, B3; GEOL B10, B10L, B11, B11L; PHYS B2A, B4A; PHSC B12.

B-2: Life Science

ANTH B1; BIOL B3A, B3B, B11, B16, B18, B32, B33; CRPS B5; PSYC B1B.

B-3: Laboratory Activity

Students must select at least one laboratory experience (see underlined courses in areas B-1 and B-2).

B-4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

MATH B1A, B1B, B2, B4A, B6A, B6B, B6C, B6D, B6E, B22, B23; PSYC B5.

Area C: Arts and Humanities

9 semester units required with at least one course each in Arts and Humanities.
9 units minimum

C-1: Arts (Art, Cinema, Dance, Music, Theatre)

ART B1, B2, B4, B13, B35, B36, B37; MUSC B2, B4A, B4B, B21A, B21B, B22, B23, B24, B27; THEA B1, B2A, B2B, B12A, B20, B31, B32.

C-2: Humanities (Literature, Philosophy, Languages Other than English)

ASL B1, B2, B3; ENGL B1B, B5A, B5B, B10, B20A, B21, B24, B25B, B27, B28, B30A, B30B, B33; HIST B1, B2, B4A, B4B, B15, B18, B33; JAPN B1, B2; PHIL B6A, B9, B10, B12, B18, B37; SPAN B1, B2, B3, B4, B35, B36.

Area D: Social Sciences

9 semester units required with courses in at least 2 disciplines. Students are expected to complete the American Institutions requirement in this section (courses identified in the American Institution section).
9 units minimum

D-1: Anthropology and Archaeology

ANTH B2, B3, B5.

D-2: Economics


D-3: Ethnic Studies

ANTH B5; COMM B6; HIST B20A, B20B, B30A, B30B, B33, B36; SOCI B28, B36, B45.

D-4: Gender Studies


D-5: Geography

GEOG B2, B5.

D-6: History

HIST B1, B2, B4A, B4B, B15, B17A, B17B, B18, B20A, B20B, B25, B30A, B30B, B33, B36.

D-7: Interdisciplinary Social or Behavioral Science

AGRI B1; CHDV B21, B42; COMM B6, B7; PSYC B40.

D-8: Political Science, Government and Legal Institutions

ADMJ B4; JRNL B1; POLS B1, B2, B3, B12, B16.

D-9: Psychology

PSYC B1A, B6, B20, B33, B40; SOCI B20.

D-0: Sociology and Criminology

ADMJ B40; CRIM B1, B5; PSYC B20; SOCI B1, B2, B20, B28, B36, B45.

Area E: Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development

3 semester units required, not all courses can be in physical activity.
3 units minimum
CHDV B21, B42; COMM B2; FORE B2; HLED B1; MEDS B35; NUTR B10; PHIL B12; PSYC B1A, B30, B33, B40; SOCI B28; STDV B3, B6.

Physical Education Activity Courses:

PHED B3ADP, B3ADS, B6HEX, B10, B11, B12, B13, B14, B16, B17, B20, B23, B24, B25, B28, B29, B32, B33.

American Institutions (US-1-2-3)

To verify historical American Institutions course approvals visit:
HIST B17A - US 1 & US 2
HIST B17B - US 1
HIST B18 - US 3
HIST B20A - US 1
HIST B20B - US 1
HIST B30A - US 1
HIST B30B - US 1
HIST B36 - US 1
POLS B1 - US 2 & US 3
POLS B12 - US 3