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Lower Division Requirements
Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

BS - Engineering Technology

Concentration in Manufacturing Systems

San José State University -to- Chabot College

Community College students should meet with a counselor as soon as possible to determine the equivalent courses offered at that institution. Students should complete as many as possible of the lower division requirements listed below, prior to transfer.

Lower Division Course Requirements

Community College Course Equivalents

Second Course in English Composition:

ENGL 002 Critical Thinking and WritingENGL 4A Critical Thinking and Writing about Literature
ENGL 7A Critical Thinking and Writing Across Disciplines
ENGL 001B Argument and AnalysisNo Current Equivalent
NOTE: To qualify for a baccalaureate degree in Engineering Technology with a Manufacturing Systems concentration, students must earn a grade of "C-" or better in each major and support course for credit toward the major.

Preparation for the Major:

CHEM 001A General ChemistryChem 1A General College Chemistry I
TECH 030 Introduction to Python ProgrammingNo Current Equivalent
ENGR 010 Introduction to EngineeringENGR 10 Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 11 Engineering Design and Analysis
(No GE Credit given) (ENGR 10 & ENGR 11 must be taken at same institution)
Complete one physics sequence:
PHYS 002A Fundamentals of PhysicsPHYS 3A College Physics A
PHYS 002B Fundamentals of PhysicsPHYS 3B College Physics B
PHYS 050 General Physics/MechanicsPHYS 4A General Physics I
PHYS 051 General Physics/Electricity and MagnetismPHYS 4B General Physics II
PHYS 050 General Physics/MechanicsPHYS 4A General Physics I
PHYS 002B Fundamentals of PhysicsPHYS 3B College Physics B
MATH 071 Calculus for Business and AviationMTH 15 Applied Calculus I
MTH 16 Applied Calculus II
(MTH 15 & MTH 16 must be completed at same institution)
MATH 030 Calculus IMTH 1 Calculus I

Lower Division Requirements of the Major:

TECH 060 Introduction to ElectronicsNo Current Equivalent
TECH 065 Introduction to NetworksNo Current Equivalent
TECH 020A Computer-Aided-GraphicsENGR 22 Engineering Design Graphics
MTT 81A Solid Works for Machine Shops
ENGR 22 is approved for AE 20 or ME/TECH 20 or ME 19 (only one course)
TECH 025 Introduction to Materials TechnologyEngr 45 Materials of Engineering
TECH 031 Quality Assurance and ControlNo Current Equivalent
TECH 041 Machine Shop SafetyMTT 70 Exploration of Precision Manufacturing
TECH 045 Sustainable Facilities Design & PlanningNo Current Equivalent
TECH 046 Machine Operation and ManagementMTT 65 Basic Toolmaking
MTT 70 Exploration of Precision Manufacturing
(MTT 65 & MTT 70 must be completed at same institution)

Business Minor Lower Division Requirements:

BUS1 020 Financial AccountingBus 1A Financial Accounting
BUS1 020N Survey of AccountingNo Current Equivalent
BUS2 090 Business StatisticsBUS 19 Business Statistics
MTH 43 Introduction to Probability and Statistics
MTH 43S Intro to Probability and Statistics with Support
PSY 5 Introductory Statistics for the Behavioral and Social Sciences


Admission to San Jose State is competitive in all majors. SJSU continues to have more qualified applicants than available new student spaces. Because of this, SJSU is an impacted campus with impacted programs. For the most current information regarding admission impaction at SJSU please visit our website SJSU Impaction Information page.

Prior to transferring to San Jose State University all transfers must earn at least 60 transferable semester units (90 quarter), including the CSU four basic skill courses required for CSU admission eligibility (except majors which have an approved CSU GE A3 waiver). Within those 60 semester/90 quarter units, students are strongly encouraged to complete the following:

1. Lower Division Major Course Requirements (especially for STEM Majors):
Complete as many of the lower division courses required for the major as possible. Many of these courses may be double counted as part of the CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements. The lower division major courses for this major are shown above.

2. General Education Requirements:
Complete all the CSU GE Breadth requirements at the community college (39 semester units/58 quarter units). The approved courses for each area can be found at under the link "CSU GE-Breadth Certification Courses" for your college. Many of these courses may be double counted to meet the major requirements shown above, so choose your courses wisely. Some SJSU majors which meet GE requirements within the majors are noted on the Major Exceptions and Modifications page in our catalog. Please see your college counselor/advisor to review your general education in order to receive FULL OR PARTIAL CERTIFICATION PRIOR TO TRANSFER to San Jose State University.

3. Second Course in English Composition highly recommended:
All students are strongly encouraged to complete a second English composition course as part of their lower division GE prior to transferring to SJSU (either to meet CSU GE Area A3 or C2) for the greatest success in passing the Writing Skills Test (WST) at SJSU. Complete this course with a grade of "C" or better prior to registering for the WST at SJSU to avoid delays in enrollment for other SJSU courses. To register for the WST contact our Testing office at:

4. American Institutions Requirement (US 1, US 2, and US 3 must be completed):
This requirement is normally 2 courses and can be taken as part of your CSU GE-Breadth 39 semester unit requirements (GE Area D and sometimes Area C). The approved courses can be found at under the link "CSU U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideals Courses" for your college.

5. Graduation Requirement - Physical Education (PE):
All undergraduate students who matriculate at SJSU are required to complete two units of physical education from Kinesiology/Dance activity courses, unless the major program has an approved PE waiver. Majors which have approved PE waivers are noted on the Major Exceptions and Modifications page in our catalog.

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