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Coastline College

2023 - 2024

To verify historical GE course approvals visit: or click on the pdf shown above.

Area A: English Language Communication and Critical Thinking

9 semester units required with at least one course each from A1, A2 and A3. All courses must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
9 units minimum

A-1: Oral Communication

CMST C100, C101, C110, C140.

A-2: Written Communication

ENGL C100, C101.

A-3: Critical Thinking

CMST C220; ENGL C102, PHIL C115, C220; READ C102.

Area B: Scientific Inquiry and Quantitative Reasoning

9 semester units required with at least one course each from Physical Science, Life Science and Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning. One Physical or Life Science course must include a laboratory experience (underlined). Courses in area B-4 must be completed with a grade of "C-" or better.
9 units minimum

B-1: Physical Science

ASTR C100, C100L, C101, C102, C103; CHEM C100, C105, C110, C130, C140, C180, C180L, C185, C185L, C220, C220L, C225, C225L; ENVS C100; GEOG C180, C180L; GEOL C105, C105L, C106, C115, C121, C185, C185L; PHYS C110, C110L, C120, C125, C140, C185, C280, C285.

B-2: Life Science

AGNG C122; ANTH C185; BIOL C100, C100C, C100L, C102, C103, C103L, C106, C120, C180, C185, C210, C211, C211L, C220, C221, C225, C283; CHEM C281; ECOL C100; ENVS C100; MRSC C100 and C100L, C105; PSYC C250.

B-3: Laboratory Activity

Students must select at least one laboratory experience (see underlined courses in areas B-1 and B-2).

B-4: Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

MATH C100, C103, C104, C106, C115, C120, C140, C150, C160, C170, C180, C185, C280, C285.

Area C: Arts and Humanities

9 semester units required with at least one course each in Arts and Humanities.
9 units minimum

C-1: Arts (Art, Cinema, Dance, Music, Theatre)

ART C100, C101, C102, C103, C104, C105, C109, C120, C122, C129, C135, C137, C140, C142, C152, C153, C154, C178, C214, C261, C262, C263, C265; DANC C200; ENGL C163; HUM C135; MUS C100, C103, C139, C143; THEA C100, C101.

C-2: Humanities (Literature, Philosophy, Languages Other than English)

ARAB C180, C180A, C180B, C185, C185A, C185B, C280A, C280B, C285A, C285B; BIOL C122; CHIN C180, C185; CMST C150; ENGL C102, C127, C140, C143, C144, C145, C146, C150, C155, C163, C181, C270, C275, C296, C297; FREN C180, C185, C280, C285; HIST C101, C121, C126, C150, C161, C162, C170, C175, C180, C185; HUM C100, C110; ITAL C180, C185, C280, C285; JAPN C180, C185; PHIL C100, C102, C113, C120, C122; SIGN C185; SPAN C160, C165, C180, C180A, C180B, C185, C185A, C185B, C280, C280A, C280B, C285; THEA C101; VIET C160, C180, C185, C280, C285.

Area D: Social Sciences

6 semester units required with courses in at least 2 disciplines. Students are expected to complete the American Institutions requirement in this section (courses identified in the American Institution section).
6 units minimum

D--1: Sociology

AGNG C170; ANTH C175, C190; ETHS C100, C106, C122, C123, C233; FN C177; HIST C122, C123; HSVC C106; PSCI C183, C188, C200; PSYC C170; SOC C233, C245.

D-1: Anthropology and Archaeology

ANTH C100, C120, C150.

D-2: Economics

ECON C110, C170, C175.

D-3: Ethnic Studies

HIST C126, C128.

D-4: Gender Studies

HIST C121.

D-5: Geography

GEOG C100, C150, C185.

D-6: History

HIST C101, C115, C150, C161, C162, C170, C175, C180, C185.

D-7: Interdisciplinary Social or Behavioral Science

CMST C150; MCOM C100.

D-8: Political Science, Government and Legal Institutions

PSCI C101, C140, C160, C180, C185.

D-9: Psychology

PSYC C100, C116, C118, C165, C255, 260, C280.

D-0: Sociology and Criminology

AGNG C120; CJ C140; SOC C100, C110, C120, C130, C185.

Area E: Lifelong Understanding and Self-Development

Students must complete three units from the following courses.
3 units minimum
AGNG C120, 223, 225, C240; COUN C104, C105, C108, C109; FN C170, C225; GERO C120; HLTH C100, C223; KIN C202; PSYC C116, C118, C165; SOC C120.
For a complete list of all approved PE activity courses for this area see the link at the top of the page.

Area F: Ethnic Studies

3 semester units required.
3 units minimum
In order to satisfy the Area F Ethnic Studies requirement, a course must be taken in Fall 2021 and beyond.
ETHS C123, C233; HIST C123; SOC C233.

American Institutions (US-1-2-3)

To verify historical American Institutions course approvals visit:
HIST C170 - US 1
HIST C175 - US 1
PSCI C180 - US 2 & US 3

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