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Click here to download the GE PDF.

CSU, Long Beach

2022 - 2023

Above is the PDF General Education approved course list for CSU, Long Beach.
Or click on the link below to find the online General Education approved course list for CSU, Long Beach:
and contains all currently certified courses. The list reflects courses offered Fall 2008 or after which are not currently active reflecting the period when they were eligible for GE credit.
Only the courses approved for the lower division General Education core will be allowed to transfer to meet the lower division GE core at SJSU in Areas A, B, C, D, or E. All SJSU Studies courses must be taken at SJSU unless a complete 48 unit GE Certification from another CSU is submitted showing lower and upper division completed, or if the course is completed through the CSU Online program and is approved for upper division GE.

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