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Category Report
Fall 2022 - Spring 2023

Category Report

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SJSU AVIA 001City College of San FranciscoAIRC 101 Introduction to Aircraft Maintenance
SJSU AVIA 042City College of San FranciscoAIRC 106 Aircraft Metal Structures
SJSU AVIA 043City College of San FranciscoAIRC 103 Power-Plant Theory & Maintenance
SJSU AVIA 091City College of San FranciscoAIRC 104 Propulsion Power-Plant Systems
SJSU AVIA 001College of AlamedaAviao 10 Private Pilot's Ground School
SJSU AVIA 002College of AlamedaAviao 10 Private Pilot's Ground School
SJSU AVIA 002Cypress CollegeATC 132C Private Pilot
SJSU AVIA 031Cypress CollegeATC 236C Aerodynamics
SJSU AVIA 042Gavilan CollegeAmt 110 Airframe Maintenance
SJSU AVIA 043Gavilan CollegeAmt 120 Powerplant Technology
SJSU AVIA 001Glendale Community CollegeAT 120 Private Pilot Ground School
SJSU AVIA 002Mount San Antonio CollegeAERO 100 Primary Pilot Ground School
SJSU AVIA 042Mount San Antonio CollegeAIRM 66A Aircraft Airframe Maintenance Structures
SJSU AVIA 043Mount San Antonio CollegeAIRM 65A Aircraft Powerplant Theory
SJSU AVIA 002Orange Coast CollegeApt A130 Private Pilot Aviation Ground School
SJSU AVIA 031Orange Coast CollegeApt A138 Aerodynamics
SJSU AVIA 042Orange Coast College*Amt A150 General Maintenance Records
Amt A161 Airframe Sheet Metal & Compostie Structual Repair
SJSU AVIA 062Orange Coast CollegeAPT A134 Aviation Instrument Ground School
SJSU AVIA 068Orange Coast CollegeAMT A184 Avionics Installations and Trouble Shooting
SJSU AVIA 091Orange Coast CollegeAPT A145 Airline Transport Pilot Ground
SJSU AVIA 042Sacramento City College*AERO 320 Airframe Systems and Components
AERO 321 Airframe Structures
SJSU AVIA 043Sacramento City College*AERO 312 Powerplant Systems and Components
AERO 310 Powerplant Theory and Maintenance
SJSU AVIA 073Sacramento City CollegeFLTEC 312 Air Navigation, Airspace, and Communication
SJSU AVIA 068San Bernardino Valley CollegeELECTR 257C Navigation and Communication Systems
SJSU AVIA 001San Diego Miramar CollegeAVIA 105 Introduction to Aviation and Aerospace
SJSU AVIA 042San Diego Miramar College*AVIM 105A Aircraft Cabin Atmosphere Control
AVIM 103D Aircraft Landing Gear Systems
SJSU AVIA 043San Diego Miramar College*AVIM 111C Reciprocating Engines I
AVIM 112C Applied Reciprocating Engines I
SJSU AVIA 062San Diego Miramar College*AVIA 195 Instrument Ground School
AVIA 195L Basic Instrument Flight Lab
AVIA 195 Instrument Ground School
AVIA 196L Advanced Instrument Flight Lab
SJSU AVIA 091San Diego Miramar CollegeAVIM 107B Turbine Engines
SJSU AVIA 001Solano Community CollegeAero 055 Aviation Maintenance Technician - General Aircraft Subjects

Special Notes (*):

Courses with an asterisk (*) have a special comment.

See the course-to-course report for the corresponding school.

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